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Working alongside English language students from China and Mexico  - whether it's for that perfect "Miaow!" with a British accent, preparing for professional success or somewhere in between.


River Laker English Language School was born from the desire to provide an English language school that knows the names of all of its students.


Moving away from one-size fits all mega-sized schools we are an online school for ages 6 through to adult, with a maximum enrollment of 20 students.


We move a student towards real-life language competence. We create a personalized learning plan and use teaching techniques and tools that best fit the student.


Along the way we customize the learning for each student and creatively approach learning challenges along the way.

We start with a student who needs to learn the word C-A-T, and continue to the student who needs success with their professional life.

Teacher River

Teacher River

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At River Laker all new students take our ESL Placement Test and a trial class. We use these to build your Individual Learning Plan. Your Individual Learning Plan is a custom learning schedule that is adapted to your specific language needs. Speaking, writing, reading and listening development are included in our plans. 

Our entire curriculum is based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment). The CEFR is used by all major publishers, including Oxford and Pearson, to guide the scope and sequence of foreign language learning. 

At River Laker our ESL lessons are never repetitive! Our live ESL classes feature a variety of teaching tools and techniques.

We embrace the individuality of our students and personalize their teaching plan and classes accordingly. However, kindness, patience and creativity are the foundations of our teaching philosophy. 

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Language levels at River Laker start from Beginner and lead to Advanced with four levels in between. All of our lesson plans lead towards real-life language competence.

Our lesson content is authentic and utilizes contemporary, diverse and practical contexts. 

Each language level includes approximately 40 lessons and each lesson is designed to be completed in 60 - 80 minutes of class time (plus homework and self-study time).


All classes are one-to-one.

Each student enrolled with River Laker takes a placement test, has a personalized learning plan and homework assignments.


All learning plans are developed in consultation with the student and/or parents and are designed to be fluid and able to adapt as needed.

25 minute lesson - $17 (U.S.)

40 minute lesson - $25

60 minute lesson - $35

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Contact us to arrange your placement test and trial class

WeChat: riverlanguageschool



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